FleetForce makes you smarter
With FleetForce, what you see is what you get; a quick and simple option that provides you with the important information you need regarding your entire fleet no matter where you are.

  • Use trends to understand operation characteristics for machines and operators
  • Be aware of machine utilization to ensure productivity
  • Apply pertinent training where it is needed based on machine utiliaztion and effectiveness
  • Manage fleet operations more consistently.

FleetForce saves you time and money:

  • Less mileage and phone calls to locate a machine
  • Can identify and reduce excessive idling, to save money on fuel
  • Make working hours productive hours on your machines, increases resale values
  • Can be used for theft recovery and prevention
  • Better scheduling for timely maintenance and lower repair costs
  • Automatic alerts to identify problems before they cause failures
  • Helps reduce planned and unplanned downtime
  • Can lower insurance premiums
  • No need to call operators to collect machine hours
  • Faster, more accurate job costing and tracking
  • Do diagnostics and preparation before visiting your machine
  • Preprogrammed reports that help you quickly analyze where you can gain more efficiencies
  • Knowing the location and status of every machine in your fleet at a glance.

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